Contoh teks discussion

Education for women

The issue we are discussing is whether women need higher education or not. Some people think that there is no use for women to get higher education, for women’s main role is in their households and surroundings. Thus, knowing about practical household management is sufficient for women to lead their lives.

In addition, higher education does not ensure women to get better life, so why bother about it? There are many examples of women who are successful in their live although they only enjoy average education. They succeed in managing their household, education their children and participating in community activities.

On the other hand, some other people believe that women also have the right to get higher education. They claim that education is important for everyone including women, because that is one way to improve the quality of life. Therefore, every woman must get education as high as she can achieve.

A further point they make is that higher education is not just the matter of achieving a better position in community or working environment. More importantly, it is the way to empower women and to give them better understanding of life and universe.


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