Contoh diary dalam bahasa Inggris

Sunday, January 06th, 2013
I woke up at quarter to five, I went to the bathroom and I took a wudlu, I did to pray Shubuh as soon as possible because faster is better in my opinion. I watched Wisata Hati on ANTV with Yusuf Mansur as an islam teacher. It broadcasted in Istiqlal’s mosque, I thought that Istiqlal’s mosque is the biggest mosque in Indonesia. The President Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono usually take a pray of Idhul Fitri and Idhul Adha there. The last Idhul Adha, Mr. Jokowi stayed next to Mr. SBY as a new governor of DKI Jakarta. After watching Wisata Hati, I watched Lensa Olahraga Weekend on Sunday and it also televised on ANTV. I was very disappointed because here in my boarding house there is not LBS channel, so I can not watch K-POP anymore, how poor am i? after watching Lensa Olahraga Weekend on Sunday, I watched Topik Pagi and it also televised on ANTV. It was about the holiday in Purbalingga, actually at Purbalingga there are a lot of tourists areas, I became to be interested to go there, actually Purbalingga is not too far away From Purwokerto but I have never been there at all. I wanted to go to Lowa’s Cave and I also wanted to taste the special drink of Purbalingga named Durian’s ice. I hope I can go there as soon as possible.

Monday, January 07th, 2013
Today is my old brother’s birthday, but I did not have any surprise and present for him because I did not have much money and my money was running out. My old brother’s girlfriend came to my boarding house when my old brother still slept. She made a lot of plans and she started to make surprise as fast as possible in order to make my old brother surprised. She was helped by her friend and me to do it. we made a beautiful decoration, we blew the balloons and settled it on the corner of the room. After that, we continued to fire a lot of candles to make the atmosphere smelled good. She made curlicule written on with happy birthday. She bought a birthday’s cake to make my old brother more surprised. We made a lot of traps in order to make him angry and crazy. I went to campus after that, I met my friends to do our group assignment, unfortunatelly the camera which we used was low of the battery so we had to delay the interview because we had to interview by using the camera. I advised my friends to use my Blackberry but my friends did not want to use handphone. Finally, we had to wait until tommorow and my plan to go home was delayed.
Tuesday, January 08th, 2013
I woke up earlier so I also took a pray Shubuh earlier, it was better for me. At quarter past nine, Brother Abdul and Muji came to my boarding house in order to go to brother Denni’s house together, I was invited by them to do our Pancasila’s assignment as soon as possible because yesterday we had not finished it yet so today we had to finish it. they came to my boarding house when I had not taken a bath yet, I commanded them to go to brother Denni first and then I followed after I took a bath. It could be a problem if I asked them to wait me because I usually take a bath about half an hour. Brother Denni’s house is near Sri Ratu and it made me found him easily. Brother Denni, Abdul, Muji and I went to do interview together. First, we did interview one of the employees of a bank. After finishing doing interview by taking a video with our actions, we felt hungry and brother Denni decided to eat lunch at the small shop near Unsoed, actually brother Denni was one of Unsoed’s students several years ago so he knew the good places to eat, but I did not know anything near Unsoed at all because I am a student of UMP. I spent about twelve thousand rupiahs to pay what I ate, I did not felt disappointed because the food was very delicious indeed.
Wednesday, January 09th, 2013
I got up at twenty-three past four in this morning, but I slept again because I still felt very sleepy. I got up again at quarter past five, I went to bathroom to take a wudlu and I started to pray Shubuh as soon as possible, it took about half an hour. I cleaned away my lovely bedroom after i finished praying. I watched Lensa Olahraga on ANTV, there was a news that Pep Guardiola will be a coach again as soon as possible but he did not explain more about where he will coach. Actually Pep Guardiola is one of the best coaches in the world, he had spent about four years with FC Barcelona. He had got the best career while coaching in Barcelona. He also got the most success coach in the world of FIFA’s version defeated Jose Mourinho as famous as the only one and Vicente Del Bosque, but he felt bored in Barca. I thought at that time that it was likely for Pep Guardiola coached in Manchester United than Manchester City. With Barcelona, Pep Guardiola had given about fourteen champions in all of Barcelona’s fight. I thought that the most interesting match of Barcelona is when Barca Defeated Real Madrid in the New Camp Barca’s house. I laughed when I saw Jose Mourinho’s face. I am very optimistic that FC Barcelona will be the winner this season, not only in La Liga but also in UEFA Champion’s League and Copa Del Rey.
Thursday, January 10th, 2013
I did not take a bath in this morning, I just played mp3 in my lovely smartphone and the song were of Maroon 5. I tried to sing ad I thought that my voice was better than the vocalist of Maroon 5. First, I sang Stereo’s heart. That song is very calm to listen to, I wanted to sing. My heart is stereo it beat for you to listen close, hear my thought in every note, make me your radio and turn me up when you feel low, this melody was meant for you, just sing along to my stereo, I only pray you never leave me behind, because good music can be so hard to find, I take your hand and pull it closer to mine, thought love was dead but now you are changing my mind. In this song, Maroon 5 featuring gym class heroes. This song is usually played in Lensa Olahaga, Sport 7 and other program. And then I sang one more night, it is also Maroon 5. It is also usually played in Lensa Olahraga. At quarter past five, Azka came to my boarding house, he gave me a paper, we did studying together. At quarter past six, we went to the mosque to take a pray Maghrib for hafl an hour. We came back to my boarding house and we continued studying together. We studied about Reading first and then we continued to study Structure, after finishing studying, Azka decided to go home at quarter past eight. I was invited by my friends to study together in the canteen of UMP after it but I felt very sleepy so I did not join studying there and I decided to sleep earlier.
Friday, January 11th, 2013
I got up at quarter past five, I took a wudlu and I did praying Shubuh as soon as possible. I was sent a message from my girlfriend that she will go there at ten o’clock in the morning from her house. I took a bath at quarter to twelve and then I went to the mosque near my boarding house with my friends named Asruri Imam Fauzi and Muhammad Tofik. We went together as soon as possible because we did not want to came late. After finishing praying, suddenly there was a new motorcycle parked in front of my boarding house and actually my girlfriend arrived when I had finished praying. In the afternoon, my friends and I played together. I watched Narutoon Global TV after I finished praying Ashar. Naruto, Rock Lee, Ten Ten and Neji fought against one of swordsmans from hidden mist village. He used a sword could lead the lightening or thunderclap. I was very happy today because my girlfriend had come back and she heal my miss feeling.
Saturday, January 12th, 2013
I started to pray Dhuha at quarter past eight, after I finished praying dhuha, I read a holy Qur’an for half an hour. My brother left my boarding house at quarter past nine, my girlfriend came to my boarding house at half past nine, at ten o’clock my girlfriend left my boarding house to follow a lesson at the campus. I did not know why, I thought that this week there is not any lesson but actually my girlfriend went to campus, this week is a calm week because we will do final examination next Monday. My girlfriend came to my boarding house and she said that there was a lesson today because a lot of the rooms had been used and several rooms had been marked by the number of the students who will follow the final examination. At night, my old brother, my old brother’s girlfriend, brother Sholeh and I played card and called pokeran. We used a lipstick and face powder to fill our face if we lost in the game. Actually I usually win and I got little of squiggle and my old brother got the most squiggle. Basically the lipstick could not be delete by using water, I was afraid because I will follow the final examination as soon as possible, on the other hand my face was full of squiggle. I just used my old brother’s ponds, I wash my face so long by using it. when I saw my face in the mirror, I was very grateful because a lot of squiggle on my face was disappear.
Sunday, January 13th, 2013
I got up at five o’clock and I started to pray Shubuh as soon as possible. After I finished praying Shubuh, I went to the bedroom and I started to sleep again because I still felt very sleepy. i woke up again at quarter past eight. I felt wrong in my body, actually I felt very pain, it was backache. I did not very worried because I believed that it was not matter and my body will be fine as soon as possible, I believed so much. I wanted to wash my clothes and pants because a lot of my clothes and pants were very dirty but I felt very lazy to wash it. I thought that the weather was fine to dry it but unfortunatelly I was very lazy. I watched television and I watched an information about Real Madrid got draw again against osasuna. How poor Real Madrid which left behind so far from the rival FC Barcelona which sat calmly on the top of the classification. Brother Prembun one of my friends in my boarding house came back here. I did not felt alone anymore because I usually laugh with him. At five past nine, I still did not take a bath. I still watched the cartoon on Indosiar’s channel. I felt very hungry and stomachache, so I decided to buy some food called rames to make my stomach better and satisfied.


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